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I grew up with a video camera in my hands. I was always doing videography, whether it was creating extreme sports videos, music videos, school videos, travel videos, you name it. 

So when it was time to decide what I was going to study it was easy, tv/film. I graduated with a tv/film degree from California State University Fullerton.

After school I was hired as an intern for a production company/gear rentals. Interning in production expanded my knowledge in the industry greatly, but when I learned the most is when I wound up in front of the camera. I started modeling/acting and it seemed to teach me in a whole new light. It is somewhat of a symbiotic balance that helps me in all aspects of being a content creator. So I started Z Content Creative. 

I have all the gear, equipment and experience that a production should have. With that being said, the most important thing about this industry is the connection. I look forward to connecting with you, your event, your ideas and and putting them to screen to connect with the viewers. 

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